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First, you can become a patron through my Patreon page. Patreon allows you to donate some amount (I recommend $1) for each episode I release. This is the best and most direct way to show your support! Those who donate through Patreon will get early access to episodes, as well as some extra content that I won’t be releasing anywhere else.

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Second, you can write a review for the show over at iTunes or Stitcher. Reviews help other people to find the show, and they really make a huge difference. I read every review, and I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to write one.

Here are some things to include in your review:

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Third, you can click this link to Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom. It’s a set of online courses about history and economics from a libertarian perspective. I know you like history and economics if you enjoy Economics Detective Radio, so I’ll bet you’ll enjoy Liberty Classroom. Sign up through my link, and you’ll also be supporting the podcast in a big way!

Their basic membership is $89 USD and they have a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try the service without committing to buy anything.


AmazonFourth, you can click on this Amazon affiliate link (or one of the others on the site) before doing your regular shopping on Amazon. The Amazon affiliate program means that Amazon will send me a small payment for each dollar you spend there after clicking through my link. If you were already planning on buying some great economics books through Amazon, you can help me out at no additional cost to yourself.

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