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United Kingdom2017-02-105Alasdair MacMillanGreat showHighly recommend this podcast for an introduction to a variety concepts and ideas of economic thought. Informative and interesting yet not too heavy or wooden. Very enjoyable to listen to. Ali, Scotland.
Canada2016-10-055Kalliekzlove!Loving the the Vampire/Zombie episode! Great show!
Germany2016-09-285BassississticLove this showThe format of Economics Detective Radio is so engaging. Great guests, professionally produced and absolutely engaging. Highly recommended.
United States2016-09-215Ronin135Great podcast!!!Thoughtful discussion on varied topics dealing with economics.
United States2016-09-145JeremyTheVeteranArtistVery interestingEconomics is a subject that I really need to get more educated on. I especially enjoy the talk on the history of economics and how it relates to current scenarios.
Switzerland2016-09-095DiSalviAn essential addition to your econ podcast collectionIntelligent guests, intelligent host. Recommended!
Australia2016-09-075Bill KerrGreat show!This is a great show for anyone who wants to understand economics better. Keep up the good job!
United Kingdom2016-08-315Colombianos abroadJust what I wanted to hearI am based in Colombia and so the events taking place in neighbouring Venezuela are of utmost importance. This podcast was informative and interesting and I will return!
United States2016-08-245Jon from AmericalandEnjoyable and Deeply InformativeWhile longer than most new podcasts I listen to, the episode discussing Petroleum divestment allowed the professor to illustrate some of the hypocrisy in Universities being pushed by activists pushing only a few ways of divesting from oil, while still taking advantage of the benefits. I would have liked the interview to be broke up a bit more, to hear more from the podcast and their views.
Canada2016-06-145ElliotonitunesI Love this Show!I have been listening to it every day on my way to work, it gets my head in a good space and out of its usual grogginess. I think it's good whether you know economics or not (i just have done intro courses when i was a student); jargon is always explained and i always learn a lot too. Covers a wide range of interesting topics. Highly recommend 🙂
Canada2015-03-195Cabondo Londofascinating stuffThe Economics Detective is what you need to show people if they say something like "economics is dry". The host has got a great presence, and asks great questions that provoke insightful responses. Give it a listen!
United States2015-03-055MitjmHighly enjoyableLove to learn? Fascinated with the study of economics ? Well this is the show for you!
Canada2014-09-285thelawsA great listenThe podcast conversation style is very nice and smooth. I really enjoyed the episode on zombie and vampire economics- looking forward to seeing what other cool people will be interviewed and learning mroe about economics!
Canada2014-09-055Economics NoviceEnlighteningI've heard of Austrian economics, but never understood how it differed from mainstream economics. This podcast was very informative 🙂

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