Free Ways to Support the Podcast

Hi there!

I know there are many people who enjoy Economics Detective Radio. But many of us (including myself!) have an aversion to spending money. This page is for people who want to support the podcast without spending a dime.

The best way to support the podcast is to share it with your friends. When you hear an episode you enjoy, go to that episode’s show notes page and share it on Facebook or Twitter. Here are a few quick tweets that you can make right now:

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Another free way to support the podcast is to write a review for the show over at iTunes or Stitcher. Reviews help other people to find the show, and they really make a huge difference. I read every review, and I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to write one.

Here are some things to include in your review:

  • Your favourite episode or guest
  • How you discovered the show
  • Something interesting you learned from the show
  • Your name and website (so I can thank you!)

This third way is not only free but actually saves you money: install this Chrome app, Honey. It finds coupon codes for you automatically when you’re doing online shopping, often for the things you would have bought anyways. When you install Honey through my link, I get referral fees when you use it.

Thanks for supporting the podcast! If you want to do more to support the podcast, go to my main support page to find more ways to help the show.

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