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A Podcasting Revolution: Cast, Ringr, and Zencastr

Just three months ago, I wrote my podcasting gear guide to let potential podcasters know about my setup and the equipment I recommend. That guide represents the gold standard in podcasting that existed when I was starting out in 2014.

To recap, I recommended using a digital audio recorder like the Zoom H4n or the TASCAM DR-40 to record yourself and your guest onto two separate tracks, with the guest connecting through Skype and being plugged into the second track via a 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapter cable.

Here are the things a podcaster must have in a recording setup:

  1. Reliability. Your recording should not sporadically stop working 40 minutes in to your interview with a Nobel laureate.
  2. Multi-track recording. Each speaker must be recorded onto his own separate track to make it possible to edit them each separately.
  3. Clear audio, free of unnecessary noise.

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Links: Capitalism Overcomes Marx and Lenin

In two unrelated stories, Karl Marx’s grave charges a very un-communist entry fee, and a statue of Lenin was converted to Darth Vader (with free wifi!). You win this round, capitalism!

“NPR Voice” is radio professionals’ attempt to make highly scripted content sound spontaneous. As a podcaster, I’ve never had to deal with the problem of sounding too scripted! (h/t to Tyler Cowen) Continue reading Links: Capitalism Overcomes Marx and Lenin